Inspiration: Changing Tires Being Used Furniture Home

Whether in your home there is a bicycle tire, motorcycle or a car that is no longer in use? If there is, it should not be discarded as scrap tires can be used again for home decor.

Instead of useless and discarded into a waste that pollute the environment, it is better to change old tires into useful furniture home. Calculated you can participate in the movement of protecting the environment by recycling used goods.

But if you are in doubt, then let’s see how someone changed inspiration scrap tires into a unique home decor follows. In addition, you do not need to worry if your house look cheap, as though coming from used tires, but the results are still interesting.

1. Seating

Change the old tires into a unique seating. So that the center can be occupied and feels soft, you can seal with foam then you knit all parts of the tire with a strong yarn or sisal fibers to make it look more beautiful.

2. Tables

Quite easily create a table of used tires. You just paint the tire with your favorite colors to make it look nicer then place the glass on top of it as a flat surface. Table used tires were already ready for use.

3. Swing

Used tires can also be made into a swing. You can retain its spherical shape or could be cut in half.

4. Pot Plants

Used tires can be used as a potted plant or flower growing media interest. Make it too easy. You can paint the tires beforehand with your favorite color or knit outer surface. Then you can place it inside or outside the home, either by standing or hanging.