Practical Ways to Reduce Dust in the House

Dirty air outside makes the air inside the house also dirty. Plus more dust generated inside the house who came from dead skin cells of human, flake pet dander, fall out eating, grains of sand or soil washed into the house, pieces of fabric derived from upholstery sofas, curtains and carpets, and etc.

These particles when inhaled dust will be captured by our nose fur. But some particles, especially very small will wander farther into the respiratory tract. When these particles contain bacterial diseases and our bodies are not strong enough to fight against it, they can make us sick. In addition, the number of particles in the air can cause allergies, asthma, and other diseases related to the respiratory tract. There are four ways that our house is not filled with dust:

Plants in front of the house

Plants in front will act as a filter, “capture” some dust when they want to break into the wind. By installing a pergola of vines, various pollutants contained in the air can be reduced. When going into the house, and dust particles floating in the street will be blocked this green pergola. As a result, the incoming air will be cleaner.

Create openings towards the rear

Ensuring openings towards the rear garden can also reduce dust entry. Putting a bedroom at the back of the house and make the window toward the back, for example, will reduce the dust that goes into the bedroom.

Reduce dust collector

The other way is to minimize the use of objects that are potential “catch” dust, such as carpets, curtains or upholstery fabric. You can use these objects to the note must be diligent in cleaning and washing it.

Air filter

As for repel dust existing in the room can be done by using air purifier (water purifier). This tool doesn’t expend cold, but the air filter. How it works is this tool that is sucking the air, and then filter it through some sieve (filter), and blowing back the air is clean. Not only dust expelled, this tool can also get rid of the smell.