Store Design Tips

The right Store design helps you increase your visitors and your incomes.

Currently, the digital age is growing very rapidly. The easy-going digital era, apparently exploited by traders to start selling online. By selling online, you can cover a very wide segmentation, an unlimited area also does not require large capital. Even so, not a few people who choose to build a physical store.

There are some sellers who prefer to sell offline. But, for online sellers, the presence of a physical store makes it easy for buyers when they want to exchange their purchases online. This is where offline store design concepts become important because a good store design can attract potential buyers to your store. Anything, an important element of your store design.

Store design cannot be separated from the type of business

store design

Are you a new person starting a business? Identifying the new business type you will start to become very important. Why? Because the type of business needs to be tailored to the store design theme that you will build. For example, you will do culinary business as a pastry shop. Thus, the design of the store will be different from the design of a clothing store or shoe store.

Defines the segmentation of sales that affect store design
color store theme

In addition to definitively identifying your type of business, you also need to clearly define the target consumers. What is his favorite, his social and economic status, and where his shop is located? A good store design is a store design that fits the conditions of its target consumers.


Define theme

theme design

Next, to start determining store design, do not forget you need to determine the theme first. The design theme of the store must be in accordance with the goods you sell. For example, to create a cake shop, then the appropriate store design choices are designs with pastel colors or all-white. However, if you are going to do business with clothing distro opening, then the minimalist store design can be an option.

Choose the paint color of the wall that matches the design theme of the store

shabby design

Color is an important element in design because color can affect the human feelings that see it. Color can form different angles depending on the audience. In addition, the selection of color blend is one of the important aspects of creating beautiful designs. Similarly, the selection of house paint colors in your shop. The right combination of colors will create the ultimate store design.

In addition to paint colors, the selection of the room decor is also not less important. For example, if you open a women’s clothing store, you can choose a feminine interior design or classic interior, such as shabby chic style or interior with vintage design. For vintage design, for example, show the typical vintage design such as the use of old-style furniture or the application of motifs in the room.

The lighting element makes the store design look up

The lighting element makes the store design look up

Light becomes an important part when conceptualizing your shop. Elements of lighting to be one determinant factor of buying interest and consumer appeal of a good. Improper store lighting will create inconvenience to prospective buyers because of course, you will have difficulty in choosing and paying attention to the details of an item in a dimly lit place, is not it? Hence, choose a good quality lamp for your shop. If in doubt, do not hesitate to consult the interior design services that have been experienced,

Those are 5 Store Design Tips for you who are interested in opening a store. A good store design is not only beautiful or cool, but it can also reflect your business vision. I hope this helps!