Tips on Choosing Home Interior Minimalist

Minimalist house design is very suitable for those who have applied to the rhythm of activity is high enough and the like lifestyle very practical. Minimalist home design that is simple and practical all makes it easy for you when caring and cleaning. What’s more, minimalist home design can also save costs and become an alternative design for the home you live in a big city with limited land.


Minimalist home design will increasingly look attractive when balanced with a good home interior. Interior design should consider the following:

First, the selection of furniture and ornaments. Use furniture and ornaments shaped geometry. Avoid displaying furniture or ornaments that too much detail. Choose the shape is simple but still interesting. Note also the size. Adjust the size of the furniture and ornaments with spacious rooms. In order for your minimalist home do not seem stuffy, do not put a lot of furniture in a room. Optimize the existence of such furniture using multifunctional furniture. For trellis and staircase railing, choose a simple motive. For example, in the form of a combination of vertical and horizontal lines. In closing the window, you can use the basic blinds or roller. While the lights, there are several alternatives to choose from. Among models hidden light, down light, or chandelier.

Second, the selection of colors. Make sure any accessories and furniture you use in harmony with the concept of space. Similarly with color. Choose colors matching between ornaments, furniture, or other accessories in the room. For window and door frames should you use dark colors and without profile.

Third, optimize storage space. To get an impression of a minimalist home is neat and clean, avoid displaying items such as books and toys in the open. Make sure that the goods had been able to get into a rack or cabinet. To anticipate the limitations of space, you can optimize the storage place. For example, by making the shelf under the bed, a cupboard under the stairs and under the sink, or in the corners of the house unused.