How to Design House In Narrow Land

Limited land area is often a major problem for young families who are looking for homes. The reason is very clear, sky-high price of land is increasingly becoming a constraint so narrow land is the most affordable solution. Do not make the limited land area as an obstacle. Be creative search for a solution that limited land was still able to accommodate the needs of the maximum space. Split-level concept can be applied as a solution to limited land area.


Tiny Houses split-level concept should be applied at home since the beginning of the planned house. The goal is that zoning can be a well-organized space room feels more fluid circulation. To make the ground floor as a service area. Sign of the front area, there is a carport and a garage in the area. Next to the garage you can create a warehouse that connect to the access stairs to the 1st floor rear section of land on the ground floor you can fill with household assistant room area complete with washing and ironing. In this way assistant domestic circulation and the driver can be concentrated on this floor without disturbing activity occupants upstairs.

While on the 1st floor is destined for public areas. Porch, living room, family room, dining room and kitchen pantry concurrently on this floor. All rooms on this floor had a lighting and good air circulation. Each draw has access windows that bring sunlight into the room. From the living room to make a difference in height of the living room floor. While the dining room, family room and pantry made without bulkhead so that the room seem more spacious. For the second floor is a more private zone. Because the floor is used for the bedroom area.

Bedroom Interior Design Comfortable To Rest

The bedroom is a room on the other did not change its function as a resting place to unwind after a long hard day. As a room that serves as a meeting place to rest bedroom should have the comfort that people are in it to feel comfortable in the room and can relax comfortably while in the room. To create a cozy feel of the course the need for interior design bedroom. The interior of the bedroom itself has a great influence in the comfort of not only comfort but also beauty.

In contrast to the interior in the other room. The interior design of the bedrooms have some differences of interior design in the room at home here are some explanations for bedroom interior design to make it more obvious difference:

room minimalist

1. The theme in the bedroom

Some people design their bedroom interior concept that you want to bring in the room and most of the people designing the interior of the bedroom more for comfort for the rest. In contrast to the design of the living room for example, are more likely to elegant design when in the living room.

2. Light

The distinguishing separate bedroom interior design used to have more than one lamp. The first lamp as a source of bright light in the room. Yet another is that the lights have dimmed light, the light is turned on when the main light in them die so that people can rest eyes during sleep.

3. Property

To design the interior of a comfortable bedroom property should be in the bedroom should be in accordance with the needs of the current owner in the bedroom just like a wardrobe and dressing table. Less precise eg input in the fridge in the bedroom despite having reason to be easy to take food from sleep.

4. Interior

The most important thing for the bedroom design is the arrangement of the properties in the interior of the room. Unfavorable arrangement will make the room look bad, crippled or even can create the impression of a mess in the room even though the place is clean.

5 easy tricks to make the room a cheerful impression

Organizing a room easier and simpler if you know the tips and tricks. Good that you will arrange the room to shades of minimalist, masculine, or the feel cheerful.

Well for those of you who want to arrange the room to be more cheerful, here is how the feel pretty and pleasant on your room.

Viewed from the Reference Account Online Decorating

If you still do not get the idea to organize your home, try to take advantage of the virtual world by looking decor online account at Pinterest and Instagram. With emphasis on information about the decor, from the color, furniture to accessories can enrich your knowledge about the cheerful decor like what you want to present in your room.

Furniture Maximize Existing preemptively

If you have found an idea for a cheerful decor in your room, the next step is to select the furniture. Maximize existing furniture in advance to make improvements. You can recycle your furniture, such as changing the color of the paint.

Bookshelf Not just for Putting Books

If you want a more unique concept to bring the feel cheerful on your room, put a few small pieces of flowers on the sidelines of the bookcase. In addition you can also add small toys such as dinosaurs or Robot-robotan on the sidelines of a book.

Add Plant’s Green Corner Room

If the room you are an empty corner try to give you the green plants to make the room more fresh. You also can put on a pot of green plants hanging from the wall.

Accessories Worth to cite Art Decoration

In the final touches you can provide valuable accessories in your room art such as sculptures, paintings, posters, picture frames and other accessories. Choose items that are fun and interesting because it can give the impression of a cheerful on your room.

Easy Tips for Home Makeovers

A number of people may want a home that looks better without spending a lot of time and money. While some improvement projects may be costly, such as renovating a bathroom or kitchen, there are easy tips that can improve a room. Each tip can be done with people who are on a tight budget.

Décor and Walls

Wall décor is a necessity in many homes. One of the beauties of wall décor is that there is quite a wide variety of options that are available. While art galleries may feature priceless works of art, a home can be quite fashionable on a limited budget. Keep in mind that discount retailers oftentimes feature prints of famous works of art at an incredible price. Furthermore, many prints are already in nice frames. If homeowners are looking for a unique type of décor, a great place to visit can be a secondhand store. Many people are amazed at what they can find at a secondhand store. Prices can be quite affordable, and it can be an inexpensive way to redecorate walls with works of art that can be replaced quite cheaply. Some people prefer to invest in signage in order to highlight a phrase or an idea. Whether it is time to invest in custom carved wooden signs or ones found at a discount store, great signs and wall décor are ready to be purchased.

Fresh Paint

Another great way to change the look of a room is to paint it. Whether it is time to bathe a room in a warm red or a bright blue, numerous color options can improve any room. A darker color can provide a room with warmth. A room that does not receive much light can be better if it is painted with a lighter color. A can or a few cans of paint combined with a few paint rollers can complete transform the look of a room within a few hours. While people may not like the final product, they can always paint the room a new color.

Although it may seem like an impossible task to transform the look of a room, it does not have to be very difficult. A new coat of paint and new wall décor can be just enough to make a room look fantastic. Be sure to make a plan and follow it closely.

Living Room Renovation Tips

Renovating the living room is not an easy thing. Need many things to be considered in order to remodeling the living room is beautiful and attractive without spending big. Indeed renovation is very important to your room, it is to keep your room is not boring and monotonous.

Renovation of the living room should not necessarily be interpreted dismantle rearranging the living room or the living room, but can also replace existing items in the living room. Then how to renovate the living room right? If the guest room renovation is carried out by way of replacing the furniture we have to be really selective and wise in choosing the appropriate furniture. For that we will give you tips on your guest room renovation.


When you decide to do a renovation on your living room. The main factors that you should consider and be taken into consideration is the issue of budget that you should remove. Because there was no guest room renovations which does not require a fee. Changing the color of the walls of the living room just needs a budget, especially if renovations are replacing the furniture of the room. Will certainly costly to buy appropriate furniture for your living room.

Time Management

Time management is often a forgotten consideration trivialized even when renovating the house. People always think that renovating the house will not take much time and will be completed in one day. In fact not the case, you would need a lot of time in this case. Because when remodeling your living room furniture requires a lot of components and should be replaced, then you have to make time for a couple of days to make the renovation of your living room look perfect.

Design Concepts

At the moment we decided to renovate the living room is often the reason why we have to renovate is because the design is already boring, do not fit or want to change the design of the living room. So think to make a new design concept for your living room. Because of the renovation will not run properly if you do not have a concept that is quite mature.

Similarly, the living room remodeling tips can we describe it for you. Hopefully the above tips can inspire you in renovating the living room to make it look more attractive.

Making Visible Elegant Minimalist Dining Room

Basically the house is a place of human habitation in which the load space and functions of each. One of obtaining roared almost there in a house is the dining room. Although almost always in existence, but the dining room has a size of each depends on the needs and size of the rooms in the house. But sometimes people were puzzled where when they will make a dining room but has only limited space available. For those of you that may include people who are experiencing the same problem, there are some tips so you can make the dining room minimalist but still looks elegant and has the same functionality as well as a dining room in general.

dining room

Using Color Slightly Somewhat Dark

To make the dining room look minimalist but still remain elegant design with the use of color is elegant. It is because that the dining room is a place to eat that basically should look clean and fresh, so when you eat or the people around you do not feel disgusted when using the space.

That is why the most preferred color for the design of this room is a bit dark colors such as brown, beige, gray hair, dark gray, dark red, and so on. Dark colors are not intended to be easy to look dirty if there is residual dirt. However, if you want a little more bright colors are also not a problem as long as you can keep it clean.

Necessary Creativity Decoration That Fit Your Needs

Furthermore, to make the dining room a minimalist yet elegant look is to make decorations appropriate to what you want. The decor is meant in this case is to provide a place that is needed and must be in a dining room. One example is to choose the dining room near the kitchen where your wife’s cooking.

In addition you also have to be smart in choosing tools such as shapes and models of tables and chairs that you use to make it look according to Indoors.If beautify the room you can decorate your minimalist dining room with attributes like flowers in a vase or pot or can decorate the walls with wallpaper or photograph.